Discover how you can achieve lasting weight loss in Paul's complete online Weight Loss Breakthrough course


Have you ever struggled to keep weight off once you lose it? Do you ever feel overwhelmed by the amount of diet and exercise information out there? Are you tried of wasting time and money on temporary fixes and expensive diet brands?

Create The Mindset

Harness the power of human psychology to create a mindset that works for you 

Apply The Biology

Learn exactly how weight loss works and how to apply your new understanding to enjoy freedom with food

Live The Change

Give yourself all the tools, knowledge, and new ways of thinking to make weight loss finally last.  

What has stopped you before?

The problem is that human psychology is often completely ignored as part of the weight loss equation....

Have you ever set yourself a resolution that THIS will be the year that you will FINALLY lose weight, only to lose motivation and slip into old habits?

You find yourself so determined and committed to lose weight and then before you know it, BANG! the weight is back again. That must mean that you lack motivation and have no willpower, right?

Absolutely not! The fact that you have managed to lose any weight at all shows that you absolutely want to make this positive change, but something is stopping you from making it last.  

The truth is, this happens to thousands of people around the world ever year. What I want you to know right now is that there is a reason WHY this happens. There is also a reason why some people make the exact same resolutions and truly change their lives for good. And most importantly, understanding the differences and applying them to yourself can get you the exact results you want!

And here's what it comes down to. All that has been missing for you is the underlying mindset that will allow you to keep the weight off. Once you adopt the right mindset and practice the fundamentals, lasting weight loss is inevitable. 

The key is to make the shift from seeing weight loss as a temporary change, but rather to understand deeply why having a healthy body is how you want to LIVE your life. So much so that you don't even need to think about it. It's just who you are.

Make Having A Healthy Body A Part Of Who You Are

Traditional weight loss approaches focus on what you need to DO (i.e. eat certain foods or exercise in a certain way). This ultimately is the way to lose weight, but what happens after the weight is lost? What makes people want to continue eating well and exercising? The answer lies in how you see yourself.

The people that lose weight and keep it off BECOME the type of person that has a healthy body. In other words, their identity changes. No longer are they someone who overeats. They are someone who nourishes their body and loves the change. And this change can only happen if what they BELIEVE and how they THINK changes too, because both of these impact what you DO.

Creating the right mindset is a fundamental part of the weight loss story. Once you've created it for yourself you'll not only be able to lose weight, but you'll ENJOY the journey.

"..for the first time Paul has awakened my longing to actually live...I haven't ever felt this positive and in control as I do now. I'm amazed at the difference there has been already, even after over just one week! Paul made me realise all the reasons I over ate, and gave me lots of ways to deal with these. I feel so much stronger and in control.... Thank you Paul....soooo much"


Hi, I'm Paul

Let me show you how to create the mindset that leads to lasting change

I've been very fortunate in my life to have had two parents that taught me very valuable lessons at a young age.

My mum's background in psychology gave her the knowledge to show me that I could grow and change. She showed me that who I was today didn't define who I could grow to be. This set me on a path to grow into who I truly wanted to become. 

And I absolutely wanted to do this because the lesson my dad taught me was that life is short. I didn't doubt him and I knew that by growing, and learning, and building my life I would come to the end of it happy with who I had become. 

My Dad also gave me my love for health and fitness. And once I discovered that psychology is where my passion is, I combined these two loves to create Weight Loss Breakthrough with the aim helping people truly make the change stick.

I know how much difference having a healthy body can make to our lives (I've had my struggles too!), and I truly believe that with the right understanding about who we are as individuals, we can learn to create the changes we want for ourselves in order to live the lives we want to live.

This is my wish for you too. 

Join me for Weight Loss Breakthrough

Weight Loss Breakthrough is an 8 hour online training course on the psychology and biology of lasting weight loss and health

I have created Weight Loss Breakthrough to show you exactly why you have been left frustrated and disappointed again and again as you try to create the body you deserve. Once you discover underlying reasons why you haven't been able to maintain the changes in your life, I'll show you exactly what needs to be done differently.

Each day you will have access to a 40-50 minute training session from me that you can watch at a time that suits you. Over two weeks (10 sessions in total), I will show you how to break your old patterns and create the mindset you want so this time the weight won't come creeping back on.

Not only that, I'll walk you through daily activities to apply everything we learn so that by the end of our time together, you will feel empowered and ready to make THIS TIME truly the last time you ever need to commit to a new way of living.

"No longer are food choices a battle. I now enjoy food that is good for me and that makes me feel good. I still have an odd glass of wine but a small one, not a bottle. I have changed….weight loss is happening and I look forward to my journey being in the body my heart desires. Not only is Paul’s course good for the waistline, it’s good for the soul. I have a second chance of having a fulfilled life that I intend on achieving."


What We'll Cover Together


A Vision To Pursue

Each day of WLB has been designed to build up on what we have already learnt. Day 1 starts this off by uncovering the two forces that govern all human behaviour. You'll learn how this simple understanding explains all failed attempts to keep weight off, and how this explains why your weight loss goals have been working against you in the past (and what you can do differently this time).

Conscious Conditioning

Your behaviour isn't your own. Most of our eating and drinking habits have been influenced without our knowledge. Find out in what ways companies use what we learn about in Day 1 to their advantage to boost their profits (and your waistline!)

Breakthrough Beliefs

Discover how your subconscious beliefs have caused you to approach weight loss in completely different ways to those that keep it off for life. You'll also learn how beliefs are formed and what you can do to change the ones you no longer want. 

Making Motivation Real

Day 4 we begin the first part of making the motivation to change real. In today's session we'll learn how lasting motivation is created, and how you can used this understanding to create your own motivation that goes far beyond willpower.

Future Projection Visualisation

On Day 5 we will continue to apply our new understanding of motivation and go through a powerful visualisation process together that will help you truly make this change last.


Counting On Fat Loss

Day 8 begins the start of week two in which we will learn exactly what it takes to lose weight on a biological level. You'll learn the approach that will allow you lose weight consistently just by understanding the commonalities between all diets (without needing to restrict yourself)

Freedom With Food

Today you will begin to apply what we cover in Day 8 to create a way of eating that works for you. Restrictive dieting doesn't work, so lets create a day-to-day eating plan that does. I'll show you how.

Habits (Part 1)

In Day 10 and 11 we'll look at the final thing that might stop you from creating the future you want; habits. In Part 1 I'll show you the 'The Habit Sequence' and how you can use it to break the habits you know are costing you the healthy body you want.

Habits (Part 2)

In Part 2 we'll continue learning how habits are formed and apply lessons from Week 1 (Mindset Breakthrough) to use new tactics to break habits instantly and keep them broken.

An Empowered Beginning

On our final day together we will review everything we’ve been through, and go over some final points so you end Week 2 with a true feeling of empowerment and possibility for the future.

What is the value of your own Weight Loss Breakthrough to your life?

What is the value of having a body you’re happy with? What is the value of more years to your life and more energy to live them to the fullest? How much money will you save on gym memberships you don’t use, or diet books that end up collecting dust? Or on juice cleanses or branded diet products that cost a small fortune over the weeks and months? You don't need that stuff. 

And what is the value of your time? Why waste any more? This is not an exercise plan or a diet book, this is a change in your ability to actually achieve the goals you want for yourself. No diet book or exercise plan is going to be able to do that for you.

What is the value of self-confidence and self-belief? What’s the value of this to the people around you? The people you love in your life? How much more of YOU will you be able to give them?

You won't be able to find this training anywhere else and even if all this course did was help you discover what future you wanted to create for yourself, or uncovered one subconscious belief that you didn’t know was preventing you from living the life you want, wouldn’t it be worth it?

Absolutely! And I know you think so too.

Let's recap....

When you join today you'll receive both weeks training (Mindset Breakthrough and Lifestyle Breakthrough), which have a combined value of £494. You will also get all the bonuses list below, plus I'm offering a 100% money-back guarantee. That's over £947 worth of training and support for a one-time payment of £247, or you can pay just £97 to join today (details below). Invest in yourself. Start to create the body and the health that will give you the life you want. And remember, you won't pay anything if this doesn't help you create the mindset you need, plus more! It's a risk free opportunity to truly create the health and body you want.


Not only will you get everything mentioned above, but you will also receive...

Direct Access To Paul

Throughout the course I will be there to answer your questions and provide you with support along the way. At the end of the 2 weeks, I will also arrange a time with you to talk 1-to-1 to help you feel 100% ready and empowered to make the change last! 

Life Time Access

In order to help you truly make this a lasting change, you will have access to all video training and additional material FOR LIFE at no extra cost. Any time you need to, the training material will be there for you to review.

Change Your Life Or Pay Nothing

I really want to help you make this change, so if by then end of the first week you don't already feel our time together has absolutely been worth your investment, I will return 100% of your enrolment fee. All I ask is that you complete the material. The end result will be the start of the life that you have been fighting for, or you pay nothing. This is a risk free opportunity. 

Weight Loss Breakthrough is NOT for everyone

If you're looking for a quick fix or a magic pill that promises that you will lose all your fat without any effort, Weight Loss Breakthrough is not for you. I have designed Weight Loss Breakthrough to help you make this a lasting change. If you're not ready to truly make this change so you can finally live the life you deserve, then don't enrol. I work with people that are ready to truly make a shift. People who are ready to truly understand why they have struggled to lose weight and what they can do differently. This is NOT your average weight loss program. This is a program for freedom. A program to give you your life. If you're not ready for that, then Weight Loss Breakthrough isn't for you. If you are, I can't wait to work with you. 

Select Your Payment Option

Monthly Payment Plan


3 MONTHLY PAYMENTS (£291 total)

Week 1 - Mindset Breakthrough (Value £247)
Week 2 - Lifestyle Breakthrough (Value £247)
Full Support and Direct Access To Paul (Priceless)
Lifetime Access (Value £494)

One-Time Payment


(save £44)

Week 1 - Mindset Breakthrough (Value £247)
Week 2 - Lifestyle Breakthrough (Value £247)
Full Support and Direct Access To Paul (Priceless)
Lifetime Access (Value £494)


Q: How will I receive the training each day? 

A: When you join I will send you unique membership login details. This will give you access to the Weight Loss Breakthrough membership area where all training videos will be made available on the days they are released (I'll send you an email when each day is available for you to watch)

Q: How long is the course? 

A: Weight Loss Breakthrough consists of 10 daily sessions that are released over 2 weeks. Each session will take about 1 hour to complete. Day 1 will be released the day after your purchase. At the end of Week 1 there will be two days off before Week 2 begins.

Q: What if I miss a day? 

A: Just catch up as soon as you can. The videos will be available for you to watch whenever you have time, but I do highly recommend watching each one on the day it is released.

Q: How does the payment plan work? 

A: To spread the cost, you can choose to pay only £97 to join Weight Loss Breakthrough. Two additional payments of £97 then be automatically paid 30 and 60 days after your date of purchase. 

Q: What is the refund policy? 

A: There is a 7 day refund period, which means that if don't want to continue after taking the first week of training, just let me know and I'll cancel your membership and give you a full refund. All I ask is that you show me that you've gone through at least the first 3 days of training. I'll even send you a reminder email after the first week just to double check you are happy.

Q: What if I have any other questions? 

A: Please get in touch :-) You can email me at [email protected] and I'll be happy to talk with you.


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