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Why I created Weight Loss Breakthrough

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This is my mum

She is the reason why I've been able grown and develop in the way I have. Her background in psychology gave her the insight to show me at a young age that I didn't have to stay the same. She sat me down and showed me that there were areas I was strong in, and some that could be developed. She helped me understand that just because I lacked confidence as a child, didn't mean I had to lack it as a man. 

This understanding allowed me to learn from the people around me a reflect on who I wanted to become, and what I wanted to do with my life.


This is my Dad

As you can probably guess, it was his influence that got me into health and fitness. He was a very athletic guy throughout his life and his love for bodybuilding rubbed off on me the most. 

The gym was a place I could feel confident no matter what. And learning how to build my body gave me the growth and development that I loved in a very real way. The confidence I built in the gym also spread into other areas of my life and it quickly become a strong part of my identity.

My Dad also taught me another very valuable lesson; life is short. Having an old dad made me very aware of the fact that I had a finite amount of time, and if I was going to come to the end of my life and be truly happy, I needed to answer an important question; what do I want to do with my life?  

I was born in South Africa and raised in the U.K., and looking for the answer to that question lead me on a journey that included living in U.S.A., China, and Hong Kong before I finally discovered what I had been looking for; my passion.


'What makes us who we are?' and 'How can we become who we want to be?'

As often happens with journeys of self-discovery, it was upon returning home that I discovered the missing piece. Psychology was were my passion lay. After totally immersing myself in this subject, I quickly realised that a lot of what I was learning I had been applying to myself already. It appeared that in my rush to grow and become who I wanted to become, I had been applying a lot of the right methods. 

I soon realised that my life had been guided by two main questions; 'What makes us who we are?' and 'How can we can we become who we want to be?'

With this understanding, my focus turned to one question I had already successfully answered in my own life; how can I become someone with a body that makes me happy?

I studied this question deeply and put language and meaning to everything I had been doing intuitively throughout my life (especially how I was able to go from two surgeries in the space of 6 weeks to being in the best shape of my life in less than a year).

It was from my own experience and learning from masters of human psychology that Weight Loss Breakthrough was born. 

Through this course I aim to help people answer the question of how they too can become someone with a body that makes them happy. 

I know how much happiness can come from living a body that you feel great in, and if you are someone who isn't quite there, I truly hope I can work with you to change that. 

Until then, I wish you success, love, and happiness in everything you do, and everything you become.

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